Oxford Handbook of Meaningful Work

Wir freuen uns, einen Beitrag zum Oxford Handbook of Meaningful Work geleistet zu haben:

Schnell, T., Höge, T., & Weber, W. G. (2018). ‚Belonging‘ and its relationship to the experience of meaningful work. In Ruth Yeoman, Katie Bailey, Adrian Madden, & Marc Thompson (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Meaningful Work (pp. 165-185). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hier das Inhaltsverzeichnis voller spannender Beiträge:

Table of Contents

Part I: The Philosophy of Meaningful Work
1: The Moral Conditions of Work, Joanne B Ciulla
2: Dignity and Meaningful Work, Norman E. Bowie
3: Meaningful Work and Freedom: Self-Realization, Autonomy, and Non-Domination in Work, Keith Breen
4: Work, Meaning, and Virtue, Ron Beadle
5: Work and the Meaning of Being, Todd S. Mei
6: To Have Lived Well: Well-Being and Meaningful Work, Neal Chalofsky and Elizabeth Cavallaro
Part II: Processes of Meaningfulness
7: Do We Have to Do Meaningful Work?, Christopher Michaelson
8: Identity and Meaningful/Meaningless Work, Nancy Harding
9: Self-Transcendence and Meaningful Work, Adrian Madden and Catherine Bailey
10: ‚Belonging‘ and Its Relationship to the Experience of Meaningful Work, Tatjana Schnell, Thomas Höge, and Wolfgang G. Weber
11: Exploring Work Orientations and Cultural Accounts of Work: Towards a Research Agenda for Examining the Role of Culture in Meaningful Work, Laura Boova, Michael G. Pratt, and Douglas A. Lepisto
12: Meaning in Life and In Work, Michael F. Steger
Part III: The Experience of Meaningful Work
13: Meanings and Dirty Work: A Study of Refuse Collectors and Street Cleaners, Ruth Simpson, Natasha Slutskaya, and Jason Hughes
14: Finding Meaning in the Work of Caring, Carol L. Pavlish, Roberta J. Hunt, Hui-wen Sato, and Katherine Brown-Saltzman
15: Exploring Meaningful Work in the Third Sector, Rebecca Taylor and Silke Roth
16: Callings, Ryan D. Duffy, Jessica England, and Bryan J. Dik
17: Does My Engagement Matter?: Exploring the Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Meaningful Work in Theory and Practice, Brad Shuck
18: Work Through a Gender Lens: More Work and More Sources of Meaningfulness, Heather Hofmeister
19: Leadership and Meaningful Work, Dennis Tourish
Part IV: Contexts and Boundaries of Meaningful Work
20: Fostering the Human Spirit: A Positive Ethical Framework for Experiencing Meaningfulness at Work, Douglas R. May, Jiatian (JT) Chen, Catherine E. Schwoerer, and Matthew D. Degg
21: Direct Participation and Meaningful Work: The Implications of Task Discretion and Orgnizational Participation, Duncan Gallie
22: Accounting for Meaningful Work, Matthew Hall
23: Meaningful Work and Family: How Does the Pursuit of Meaningful Work Impact One’s Family?, Evgenia I. Lysova
24: Does Corporate Social Responsibility Enhance Meaningful Work? A Multi-Perspective Theoretical Framework, Marjolein Lips-Wiersma
25: Cultural, National and Individual Diversity and their Relationship to the Experience of Meaningful Work, Sebastiaan Rothmann, Laura Anne Weiss, and Johannes Jacobus Redelinghuys
26: Bringing Political Economy Back-in: A Comparative Institutionalist Perspective on Meaningful Work, Marc Thompson
27: The Meaningful City: Towards a Theory of Public Meaningfulness, City Institutions and Civic Work, Ruth Yeoman

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